Ring-Necked Dove

Ring-Necked Dove: A Species Overview

Ring-necked doves are medium-sized birds that belong to the family of doves and pigeons, Columbidae. This species of bird is native to Africa but has now been distributed all over the globe. With their potent and soothing voice and their docile nature, they make great pets and have also found their way into various cultures and mythologies.

Length, Width and General Characteristics

Ring-necked doves are 28 to 31 cm (11 to 12.2 in) long and weigh around 110 to 170 grams. Their wingspan ranges between 47 to 55 cm. They have a short tail, long and pointed wings, and a small head. The male and female birds have significant differences in their appearance. The males have a ring-shaped patch of feathers that encircles their neck, which is more vibrant than the females. The males also have a louder and more musical call than the females.

These birds have a grayish-brown body with speckles of lighter shades of brown on its wings. Their feet and bill are a bluish-gray color. They have a very distinct and attractive feature, which is their striking red eyes. Ring-necked doves have an incredibly calm and peaceful nature, which makes them very easy to domesticate.

Favoured Environment

Ring-necked doves are native to Africa and can be found in a wide range of environments. They can thrive in semi-arid regions, dry savannas, and even in suburban areas. These birds are very adaptable and can live in most conditions regardless of the weather. They prefer an environment that is both dry and moderate, with a temperature range of about 77℉.

In captivity, a properly maintained cage with ample space and perches, food and water supply, as well as enough sunlight and fresh air, is all they require. They do not require very high-maintenance diets, but they do need a blend of seeds, fruits, and vegetables. They also need plenty of freshwater daily.


In conclusion, the ring-necked dove is a beautiful species of bird with a distinct and harmonious song. They are easy to domesticate and are great pets. They are also known to bring peace and calm to their environment. With proper care, they can live a long and healthy life in captivity. Their adaptable nature and ability to withstand a wide range of environments make them a very resilient species. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they continue to hold a special place in various cultures and households worldwide.