Foldex Cat

Foldex Cat History

Foldex Cats are a relatively new breed that first appeared in Quebec, Canada in the late 1980s. They were created by crossing Scottish Fold and Exotic Shorthair cats, resulting in a distinctive looking cat with folded ears and a unique personality.

Foldex Cat Temperament

Foldex Cats are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities. They are social cats and take well to both humans and other pets. They thrive on attention and love to cuddle with their owners. Their playful nature makes them great family pets, especially for families with children. Unlike some other breeds, Foldex cats are not very vocal, but they will purr contentedly when they are happy.

Foldex Cat Characteristics

Foldex Cats are medium-sized cats with a unique appearance. Their heads are round, and their faces are sweet and expressive. Their ears are small, curled forward, and folded to the side of the head. They have a short, plush coat that requires minimal grooming. Their eyes are large and round, usually in shades of green or blue. Foldex Cats are typically the size of a medium-sized dog and have a muscular build.

Foldex Cat Lifespan

Foldex Cats have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. With proper care and nutrition, they can live even longer. It is essential to keep them in good health by providing them with regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and a healthy diet. One should always prefer organic food and high-quality supplements for the well-being of the cat.

Foldex Cat Colors

Foldex Cats come in a variety of colors, including white, cream, blue, red, black, and various shades of tabby. They can also have different patterns, such as solid, bi-color, and tri-color. The color of their ears may be the same as their coat color or may be a contrasting color.

Foldex Cat Shedding

Foldex Cats have a short, dense coat that sheds very little. They require minimal grooming with regular brushing being enough. It is important to keep their fur clean and healthy to prevent matting and other skin issues. The coat of a Foldex cat is incredibly soft to touch.

Foldex Cat Health

Foldex Cats are generally healthy cats, but like all breeds, they can be prone to certain health issues. Some of the common health issues in Foldex Cats are ear infections and respiratory infections. They are also predisposed to joint issues and muscle stiffness due to their body structure. The best way to keep them healthy is by providing them with regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced and healthy diet, and regular exercise. It is essential to avoid those foods which are toxic to cats, like chocolate, onions, garlic, etc.

Foldex Cat Best Cat Food See Products for Foldex Cat

Feeding your Foldex Cat with a proper diet is essential to maintain their overall health and wellbeing. A high-quality, protein-rich diet with essential vitamins and minerals is necessary for their health. One can feed them high-quality wet food, dry food or a combination of both. Also, one should always check the ingredients before buying any cat food and avoid those containing any artificial additives or fillers. The organic cat food is recommended, which is free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives.


Foldex Cats are a unique and lovely breed with a distinctive appearance and personality. They make wonderful pets and are perfect for families with children or other pets. With their easy-going temperaments, loving personalities, and low-maintenance grooming requirements, they are a pleasure to live with. Feeding them the right diet, providing regular veterinary care, and offering plenty of love and attention will ensure that your Foldex Cat lives a long and healthy life.