Argentine Polar Dog


Argentine Polar Dog: A Unique and Loyal Breed

If you’re looking for a loyal and intelligent dog breed, then Argentine Polar Dog is the perfect choice for you. This breed has a fascinating history and several exceptional characteristics that make them stand out from other breeding lines.

Argentine Polar Dog History:

This breed is also known as “Perro de Presa´. It came from Argentina, where it was bred to work as a hunting dog and a protector of livestock. They were trained to withstand the tough and icy weather in Argentina and were usually deployed in the mountainous regions as well.

Argentine Polar Dog Breed Characteristics:

The Argentine Polar Dog is medium in size and has a muscular body. They are strong and agile but still have a playful nature. Their appearance is similar to other mastiff breeds, featuring a broad head and a thick, muscular build. These dogs have a short and smooth coat that is easy to maintain.

Argentine Polar Dog Intelligence:

The Argentine Polar Dog is a quick learner and possesses a high level of intelligence. They are easy to train and respond well to positive reinforcement. Argentinian Polar Dogs have a strong ability to sense their owner’s mood and are extremely loyal to their families.

Argentine Polar Dog Average Size:

The typical size of the Argentine Polar Dog is medium but still packs a lot of muscle mass. The average height of a male dog is around 23-26 inches while females are shorter at around 22-24 inches. They usually weigh around 85-95 pounds.

Argentine Polar Dog Child Friendly:

Argentine Polar dogs are friendly dogs but need proper introductions to children. Though they can prove themselves to be great playmates to children, it’s important to note that this breed is strong and may not realize their strength while playing. Therefore, it’s important to supervise their interactions with children.

Argentine Polar Dog Health Needs:

Although the Argentine Polar Dog isn’t one of the breeds well-known for specific diseases or maladies, they still require adequate healthcare. These dogs need regular checkups and vaccination records updated regularly. It’s important to ensure that they are eating balanced diets and receiving plenty of exercise.

Argentine Polar Dog Grooming Needs:

These dogs have short, thin coats and require minimal grooming. Owners only need to brush their dogs a few times a week. It’s essential to pay special attention to the dog’s paws and ears, ensuring that there is no snow or dirt buildup.

Argentine Polar Dog Amount Of Shedding:

Since this breed has a short and smooth coat, they do not shed much. They do, however, require minimal grooming,helping reduce the amount of shedding.

Argentine Polar Dog Trainability:

This breed is highly trainable. They are eager to learn, and positive reinforcement is effective in training this breed. They are trainable with basic and advanced commands to become an obedient dog.

Argentine Polar Dog Exercise Needs:

The Argentine Polar Dog is an active breed and requires plenty of exercise. They should be regularly taken out for walks, runs, and other outdoor activities that help them burn off energy. Specific exercises for the breed include hiking, long walks, and swimming. Lack of opportunities for them to burn excess energy may develop destructive or restless behaviours.

Argentine Polar Dog Average Lifespan:

The Argentine Polar Dog has an average lifespan of 10-12 years. By taking care of the dog’s health, nutrition, and exercise needs, their duration of life can be well increased.


If you’re searching for a loyal, playful, and intelligent dog, then the Argentine Polar Dog is an ideal choice. This breed is devoted and makes a loyal, loving, and trustworthy companion. They are perfect for families who are willing to take on the needs of a medium-sized and active dog. Above all, Argentine Polar Dogs are an ancient breed that has stood the test of time, providing companionship and protection for generations.