Kombai dog


Kombai dog History

The Kombai dog, also known as the Indian Bore Hound, is a hunting breed found in the southernmost parts of India, specifically in the Tamil Nadu region. They are primarily used for hunting large game, such as wild boars and sambars. Kombai dogs were bred by the Kombai tribes in the 9th century and were initially used only by the tribe for hunting. The breed gained recognition in the early 20th century when the British colonial government recognized its hunting abilities and started using it for their own hunts.

Kombai dog Breed Characteristics

Kombai dogs are medium-sized, muscular, and have a broad head with intense eyes. They have a short, shiny coat that is usually reddish-brown or black, and their nose and lips are often black as well. They have a distinctive black stripe on their backs, which runs from their neck to their tail. Kombai dogs are excellent hunters and possess a powerful bite, allowing them to take down large game. They are fiercely loyal and protective, making them great guard dogs.

Kombai dog Intelligence

Kombai dogs are highly intelligent and independent thinkers, which can make training them challenging. They are also very observant and alert, making them excellent watch dogs. However, their independent nature means they require consistent and firm training, or they can become difficult to manage.

Kombai dog Average Size

Kombai dogs are medium-sized dogs, standing around 20-24 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing between 35-45 pounds.

Kombai dog Child Friendly

Kombai dogs are known to be protective of their family and may not tolerate rough play from children. However, with proper socialization and training, they can be excellent family pets.

Kombai dog Health Needs

Kombai dogs, like most breeds, can suffer from various health issues. They are prone to hip dysplasia, which can result in difficulty in mobility, and skin allergies. Because they are a hunting breed, they may also suffer from hunting injuries such as cuts, bruises, and broken bones. Owners should ensure their pets receive regular checkups and proper medical treatment whenever necessary.

Kombai dog Grooming Needs

Kombai dogs have a short, shiny coat that is easy to maintain. They don’t require frequent bathing, and a good brushing once a week will suffice. Ear cleaning and nail trimming should also be done regularly to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Kombai dog Amount Of Shedding

Kombai dogs are known to shed moderately, and their short coats make them easy to groom. They shed more during the summer season, so regular brushing during this time will help keep their shedding under control.

Kombai dog Trainability

As mentioned earlier, Kombai dogs are intelligent but can be challenging to train because of their independent nature. Starting training at an early age, socializing and showing authority, and consistent positive reinforcement is essential for successful training of this breed.

Kombai dog Exercise Needs

Kombai dogs are very active and require at least an hour of exercise daily. Long walks, running, and playing fetch are some of the activities that can keep them physically fit. Because of their hunting instincts, Kombai dogs enjoy a good game of chase and fetch.

Kombai dog Average Lifespan

Kombai dogs have an average lifespan of 10-13 years. As with all dogs, giving them proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary check-ups can help extend their lives.


If you’re looking for a unique and capable breed, the Kombai dog might be what you’re looking for. They are fierce hunters who are fiercely loyal and protective of their families. They require adequate training, socialization, and exercise to ensure they stay physically and mentally healthy. As with all breeds, doing your research, and speaking with a breeder to understand their health needs, personality, and exercise requirements can help ensure you make an informed and smart decision.