Polish Greyhound dog


Polish Greyhound dog: An Overview

The Polish Greyhound dog, also known as Chart Polski, is a sighthound breed that originates from Poland. This regal and elegant breed is built for speed with their long, lean, and muscular bodies. They have been bred for hunting purposes since the Middle Ages, and hunting with them was a sport popular among Polish nobility. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating breed.

Polish Greyhound dog History

The Polish Greyhound is an ancient breed that has been around since the 13th century. It was initially bred for hunting purposes, particularly hunting wolves, deer, and boar. It is believed that Polish Greyhounds were bred by crossing Asian sighthound breeds with the English Greyhound. They were used for hunting alongside horses, and their presence was a status symbol among the Polish nobility. After the Second World War, the breed faced a decline in numbers but has since made a comeback.

Polish Greyhound dog Breed Characteristics

Polish Greyhounds are known for their athletic and majestic appearance. They have a lean, muscular body with a long, narrow head. They have a short, smooth coat that can come in a variety of colors, such as black, fawn, or brindle. They are tall, standing at about 27-32 inches, and weigh between 26-40 kilograms.

Polish Greyhound dog Intelligence

Polish Greyhounds are intelligent and independent dogs that are easy to train. They have a strong hunting instinct, but they can be trained to follow commands and live alongside other animals. They are loyal to their owners and are known for their protective nature.

Polish Greyhound dog Average Size

As previously mentioned, Polish Greyhounds are a large dog breed, with males standing at 27-32 inches and females standing at 26-30 inches. They weigh between 26-40 kilograms, making them one of the larger sighthound breeds.

Polish Greyhound dog Child Friendly

Polish Greyhounds are generally friendly towards children but need to be socialized early on. Due to their large size and athletic nature, they should always be supervised when playing with children. They are loyal to their owners, including children, and may become protective of them.

Polish Greyhound dog Health Needs

Polish Greyhounds are relatively healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they can be prone to certain health conditions. The most common health issues include hip dysplasia, vision problems, and heart disease. They require regular vet check-ups, vaccinations, and a balanced diet to maintain optimal health.

Polish Greyhound dog Grooming Needs

Polish Greyhounds have short, smooth coats that require minimal grooming. They shed minimally throughout the year, but during the spring and fall, they may experience heavier shedding. A weekly brushing should suffice to keep their coat shiny and healthy.

Polish Greyhound dog Amount Of Shedding

Polish Greyhounds are an excellent choice for those with allergies as they shed minimally. A weekly brushing should suffice to keep their coat shiny and healthy and remove any loose hair.

Polish Greyhound dog Trainability

Polish Greyhounds are intelligent and independent dogs that are easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and consistency in training. Due to their strong hunting instinct, they should always be kept on a leash when out in public.

Polish Greyhound dog Exercise Needs

Polish Greyhounds are a high-energy breed that requires regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. They enjoy running, playing, and outdoor activities, such as hiking. They should have access to a secure, fenced-in yard to run and play.

Polish Greyhound dog Average Lifespan

Polish Greyhounds have a lifespan of 10-12 years, which is relatively average for a dog of their size. With proper care and regular vet check-ups, they can live long, healthy lives.


In summary, the Polish Greyhound is a loyal, intelligent, and athletic breed that has a rich history in hunting. They make great pets for those who are active and can provide the right amount of exercise and attention. They require minimal grooming and are relatively healthy dogs. With early socialization and positive training techniques, they can adjust well to family life. If you are considering adding a Polish Greyhound to your family, do your research and find a reputable breeder or adopt from a greyhound rescue organization.