Stephens Stock dog


Stephens Stock Dog – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking for a dog to help you manage your livestock, Stephens Stock dog could be the perfect choice for you. Known for their intelligence and loyalty, these dogs have been bred specifically for herding and are adept at working in a variety of settings. In this article, we’ll take you through the history of the Stephens Stock dog, their breed characteristics, and everything else you need to know about them.

Stephens Stock Dog History

The Stephens Stock dog was developed in the Stephens Ranches of Texas in the late 1800s by Mr. Hugh S. Stephens. He wanted to create a loyal and intelligent breed that would help him manage his longhorn cattle. He began by crossing various existing breeds, including the Scotch Collie, Australian Shepherd, Airedale Terrier, and Border Collie, to name a few. Over time, the breed became distinct and well suited for herding.

Stephens Stock Dog Breed Characteristics

Stephens Stock dogs are medium-sized and athletic, weighing between 40-55 pounds and standing at a height of between 18-22 inches. They have a muscular build, with a broad head, pointed ears, and a thick coat that can be found in black, white, or brown. They’re known for their agile and quick movements, making them excellent herding dogs. Their natural instinct to herd makes them need a job to do; they’re not suitable for people who want a lap dog.

Stephens Stock Dog Intelligence

These dogs are known for their intelligence, easily trained, and adaptable to new situations. They’re quick learners, which enables them to take new commands and develop innovative ways of working consistently. Their eagerness to please and loyalty to their families make them excellent pets.

Stephens Stock Dog Average Size

An adult Stephens Stock dog typically weighs between 40-55 pounds and stands at a height of between 18-22 inches.

Stephens Stock Dog Child Friendly

Stephens Stock dogs are excellent family pets and enjoy spending time with children. They have a natural instinct to protect their families and are loyal to them, making them a great companion. However, they need careful socialization due to their strong herding instincts.

Stephens Stock Dog Health Needs

Stephens Stock dogs are a relatively healthy breed, with few inherited diseases. However, like all dogs, they can develop some medical issues, including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and allergies. They have an average lifespan of 12-15 years, but their susceptibility to health issues can be minimized with regular vet checkups and proper nutrition.

Stephens Stock Dog Grooming Needs

Stephens Stock dogs have a thick coat that requires brushing twice a week to maintain its thickness and shine. They shed moderately and should be groomed accordingly to avoid matting and tangles.

Stephens Stock Dog Amount Of Shedding

Stephens Stock dogs shed seasonally, and more frequently during their shedding season. Weekly brushing can help to reduce shedding and remove any dead hair.

Stephens Stock Dog Trainability

Stephens Stock dogs are an intelligent, trainable breed that can easily pick up new commands and skills. However, they need a job to do and require adequate mental and physical stimulation to keep them sound and happy. Proper socialization from a young age is necessary to prevent any aggression or territorial behavior.

Stephens Stock Dog Exercise Needs

Stephens Stock dogs are athletic and require lots of exercise to keep them sound and healthy. They need at least a daily walk and some playtime in the yard. Regular exercise is necessary to prevent destructive behavior and keep them in good physical health.

Stephens Stock Dog Average Lifespan

The average life span of a Stephens Stock dog is between 12-15 years, with proper care and nutrition.


In conclusion, Stephens Stock dogs are intelligent, active, and loyal dogs, well suited for managing livestock. They make great family pets, but their natural herding instincts require careful socialization. With adequate mental and physical stimulation, these dogs will thrive and make fantastic additions to any household.