Wetterhoun dog


The Wetterhoun Dog: A Comprehensive Guide


The Wetterhoun dog, also known as the Frisian Water Dog, is a breed that originated in Friesland, the Netherlands. These dogs were originally bred as hunting companions, specifically for hunting otters and helping fishermen. Today, the breed is still relatively rare, but it makes for a loyal and devoted family pet.

Wetterhoun Dog History

The Wetterhoun breed dates back to the 17th century, where they were bred by Dutch farmers and fishermen. They were predominantly used for hunting otters and rats, as well as retrieving nets and fishing lines. The breed almost became extinct during World War II, but a few dedicated breed enthusiasts continue to breed these dogs. They are now recognized by the American Kennel Club, and the breed standard was last updated in 2001.

Wetterhoun Dog Breed Characteristics

Wetterhoun dogs are medium-sized dogs, with a strong and muscular appearance. They have a dense, wiry coat that comes in various shades of brown, black, and white. Their coats are water-resistant, making them excellent swimmers. They are also very loyal and protective, making them great watchdogs. However, they can also be quite stubborn and independent, so early training and socialization are important to ensure they develop into well-balanced dogs.

Wetterhoun Dog Intelligence

Wetterhoun dogs are highly intelligent and are quick learners. They have an independent streak, which means they can be difficult to train at times. However, with positive reinforcement and consistency, they can become well-trained and obedient dogs. It’s important to keep training sessions short and engaging to keep their attention, but they thrive with new challenges and tasks.

Wetterhoun Dog Average Size

Wetterhoun dogs are medium-sized dogs, with males typically standing about 23 to 24 inches at the shoulder and weighing around 55 to 66 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, standing around 21 to 22 inches tall and weighing around 44 to 55 pounds.

Wetterhoun Dog Child Friendly

Wetterhoun dogs are generally child-friendly, and they make great family pets. However, as with all dogs, it’s important to supervise interactions between children and dogs to ensure they are safe and gentle with each other. Wetterhoun dogs are protective of their families, which means they may become defensive if they feel their family is threatened. As with any dog, it’s important to train and socialize them from a young age to ensure they feel confident and comfortable around children.

Wetterhoun Dog Health Needs

Wetterhoun dogs are generally healthy dogs, but like all breeds, they are susceptible to certain health issues. Hip dysplasia, ear infections, and skin conditions are common in the breed. It’s important to keep up with regular vet visits to catch any health issues early on. As with all dogs, keeping up with regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can go a long way in ensuring your Wetterhoun dog stays healthy.

Wetterhoun Dog Grooming Needs

Wetterhoun dogs have a dense, wiry coat that requires regular grooming. They require brushing at least a few times a week to prevent matting and tangling, as well as occasional trips to a professional groomer. Wetterhoun dogs also require regular ear cleaning and nail trimming to prevent infection and discomfort.

Wetterhoun Dog Amount of Shedding

Wetterhoun dogs are low shedders, which makes them a great option for people with allergies. Their wiry coat is water-resistant and low-maintenance, making them a great breed for people who don’t have a lot of time for grooming.

Wetterhoun Dog Trainability

Wetterhoun dogs are highly trainable, but they can also be stubborn and independent. They thrive with positive reinforcement and consistent training methods, and they require plenty of mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom. Training should start at a young age to ensure they develop into well-behaved and obedient adults.

Wetterhoun Dog Exercise Needs

Wetterhoun dogs are high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They love long walks, runs, and hikes, and they make great companions for active families. A lack of exercise can lead to destructive behavior, so it’s important to ensure they get plenty of opportunities to burn off their energy.

Wetterhoun Dog Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Wetterhoun dog is between 11 and 13 years. With the proper diet, exercise, and healthcare, they can live long and healthy lives.


Wetterhoun dogs are a rare and unique breed that make for loyal and devoted family pets. While they require some extra grooming and exercise, they are generally low maintenance dogs that are great for active families. With the proper training and socialization, they can develop into well-behaved and obedient dogs that will bring joy and companionship to their owners for years to come.