Camargue horse


The Camargue horse is a breed that is unique to the Camargue region of Southern France. This breed has been shaped over centuries by the rugged terrain and harsh conditions of the Camargue marshes. The Camargue horse is known for its agility, stamina and courage. In this article, we will explore the history, temperament, height, characteristics, lifespan, colors, and health of the Camargue horse.

Camargue Horse History

The Camargue horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world, with roots that can be traced back to prehistoric times. The first recorded mention of these horses was made by Julius Caesar in his book “The Gallic War.” The Camargue horse was used by the Romans for work and war, and the breed has remained largely unchanged since then.

The Camargue horse has played an important role in the history and economy of the Camargue region. These horses were used by the local cowboys, known as Guardians, to herd the famous Camargue bulls used in bullfighting. They were also used for transportation, farming and plowing the marshy terrain. Today, the Camargue horse is still used by the Guardians, as well as for tourism.

Camargue Horse Temperament

The Camargue horse is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and bravery. These horses are social creatures and enjoy being around people, making them popular among riders and horse lovers. They are also very adaptable and can thrive in a variety of different environments, making them an excellent choice for horse enthusiasts around the world.

Camargue Horse Height

The Camargue horse is a medium-sized breed, typically standing between 13 and 15 hands high at the shoulder. They are well-balanced and proportioned, with strong, muscular legs that are capable of carrying them through the rough terrain of the Camargue marshes.

Camargue Horse Characteristics

The Camargue horse has a distinct appearance, with a short, muscular neck, a broad head and a distinctive convex profile. Their bodies are compact and muscular, with short backs and strong hindquarters. One of their most notable characteristics is their thick, curly mane and tail, which gives them a wild and untamed appearance. They are also incredibly agile, with the ability to spin on their hind legs and change direction quickly.

Camargue Horse Lifespan

The Camargue horse has an average lifespan of around 25-30 years when properly cared for. Due to their hardy nature, they have a relatively low level of health issues, making them an excellent choice for horse lovers looking for a long-term companion.

Camargue Horse Colors

The Camargue horse is most commonly seen in a white or gray coat, though they can also be found in a variety of other colors, including chestnut, bay, and black. One of the reasons for their distinctive coloring is that they are often born with a dark coat that fades over time due to the environment of the Camargue marshes, which is characterized by high salinity and intense sunlight.

Camargue Horse Health

The Camargue horse is a hardy breed, with a relatively low level of breed-specific health issues. However, like all horses, they can be prone to a variety of diseases and conditions, so it is important to provide them with proper care and healthcare, including regular check-ups and vaccinations.


In conclusion, the Camargue horse is a unique and fascinating breed, shaped by its environment and centuries of history and tradition. With its intelligence, agility, and hardy nature, the Camargue horse is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-term equine companion. With proper care and healthcare, the Camargue horse can live well into its 20s, providing years of joy and companionship for riders and horse enthusiasts around the world.