Campolina Horse

Campolina Horse: A Mighty and Beautiful Breed of Horse

When it comes to horses, there are always many breeds that attract horse lovers. Among the many, there is one breed that stands out and that is the Campolina Horse. This breed originated in Brazil and is named after the popular horse breeder, Cassiano Campolina. It is a relatively young breed with its development beginning in the 1870s. It has some impressive features that make horse lovers around the globe, admire them.

Campolina Horse History

The Campolina Horse breed was developed by Cassiano Campolina in Brazil during the late 19th century by selectively breeding the best horses from Arab, Hanoverian, and Andalusian Lineage. He wanted to develop a breed that would be comfortable to ride and have the strength to handle the long treks through Brazil’s rugged terrain. The Campolina horse breed has been recognized and registered as a distinct breed since 1948.

Campolina Horse Temperament

The Campolina Horse is known for its excellent temperament. They are friendly, docile, and easy to handle. They are particularly known for their calm demeanor and are gentle with children. They are an obedient breed, which makes them a joy for owners to train because they are quick learners. This breed is suitable for long hauls and trail riding because of their unflappable nature and resistance to fatigue.

Campolina Horse Height

The Campolina Horse is one of the biggest breeds of horse in South America. They are usually between 14.2 to 16.2 hands in height, which translates to approximately 1.45 to 1.60 meters or 4.7 to 5.2 feet. This height makes them perfect for long-distance riding, which is why they were developed in the first place.

Campolina Horse Characteristics

The Campolina breed is a mighty and beautiful horse breed. It has a muscular build with a broad chest and rounded croup. The breed has a large head and small ears, which give it a majestic look. They have strong legs and well-built hooves that are capable of carrying substantial weights, making the horse suitable for riding and other heavy-duty activities. The breed also has a long, thick, and flowing mane and tail that adds to its beauty.

Campolina Horse Lifespan

The Campolina Horse has an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years. However, this lifespan is subject to change based on how well a horse is cared for, including access to a good grazing area, medical care, and a proper diet. Proper care can extend the horse’s lifespan beyond 30 years.

Campolina Horse Colors

The Campolina breed has a few available colors, all of which are strikingly beautiful. The most common colors are brown, black, and gray, but they are also found in dapple gray, buckskin, palomino, and cremello. The horse’s coat colors can also have different hues of colors depending on the breeding, which makes each horse distinctive.

Campolina Horse Health

The Campolina breed is relatively healthy, and the few health issues that they may develop can be prevented with proper care. One of the common health issues that affect Campolina horses is obesity, so horse owners should be careful not to overfeed them. Adequate exercise and regular vet check-ups can help maintain a horse’s health, prevent lameness, and ensure they remain free from parasites, such as worms.


The Campolina horse breed is a majestic and remarkable breed of horse that anyone would be proud to own. They are renowned for their calm temperament, which makes them a pleasure to ride and handle. Also, their size, strength, and beauty, coupled with their ability to cover long distances, makes them the perfect horse for riding enthusiasts who love long trail rides. With proper care, the Campolina Horse can lead a long, healthy life, bringing joy to its owner for years to come.