Georgian Grande Horse


The Georgian Grande Horse is an exceptional breed that not only possesses beauty but also intelligence, versatility, stamina, and a kind-natured temperament. This horse is a combination of two pure breeds – the American Saddlebred and the Friesian Horse. The Georgian Grande breed was established in 2000, and since then, it has gained recognition and appreciation, mainly in the United States for its unique genetic traits.

Georgian Grande Horse History

The Georgian Grande Horse breed was established in the early 2000s by breeding select American Saddlebreds and Friesian horses. The crossbreeding aimed to create a larger and massive yet elegant horse that can exhibit smooth movements and a pleasant personality. The Friesian Horse contributed to the Georgian Grande’s graceful movements and uniform black coat, while the American Saddlebred’s impulsion, high-stepping gaits, and overall athleticism helped refine the breed.

Georgian Grande Horse Temperament

The Georgian Grande Horse has been extensively trained and bred for decades to have a kind, obedient, and respectful disposition. They are incredibly social and thrive on human interaction. They are intuitive and responsive, making them excellent candidates for therapy and riding programs. They are also courageous, alert, and possess a quick-witted temperament that makes them excel in the show ring.

Georgian Grande Horse Height

The Georgian Grande Horse is a tall breed who stands between 16 to 18 hands high. They have a robust body structure with a powerful chest and sloping shoulders, providing them with the necessary strength to perform various tasks.

Georgian Grande Horse Characteristics

The Georgian Grande Horse possesses a unique physical appearance which makes them stand out in the crowd. They have a head that is a unique blend of the American Saddlebred and Friesian breed. They have expressive and large eyes, a defined muscular jawline, and a straight, noble head carriage. The breed is known for their long and arching neck, a broad chest, and muscular hindquarters.

Georgian Grande Horse Lifespan

The Georgian Grande Horse has a healthy lifespan of up to 20 to 25 years. With proper care and management, they can live a productive and healthy life, exhibiting athleticism and versatility throughout their life.

Georgian Grande Horse Colors

The breed is predominantly black, reflecting the genetic influence of the Friesian Horse. However, Georgian Grande Horses can also come in colors such as bay, chestnut, and gray, inherited from the American Saddlebred.

Georgian Grande Horse Health

The Georgian Grande Horse breed requires standard care and management like any other horse breed. Proper shelter and feed are essential, besides regular veterinary checkups and preventive maintenance. A consistent exercise regimen is particularly important to keep the horse physically fit and healthy. The breed is relatively healthy, with no known genetic disorders. However, the Friesian Horse breed is susceptible to rare genetic diseases such as hydrocephalus and dwarfism, making it necessary to screen breeding horses for any genetic-related disorders.


The Georgian Grande Horse is an exceptional breed that not only exhibits physical beauty and stamina but also possesses intelligence, versatility, and a fantastic temperament. The breed has been extensively bred and trained to perform various tasks, from leisure riding to therapeutic roles, and excel in competitive events. Their well-rounded nature, excellent disposition, and willingness to please make them a fantastic choice for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced horse enthusiasts.