Purosangue Orientale

Purosangue Orientale: The Exotic and Fascinating Horse

In the annals of horse breeding, there is a rare and exotic breed named Purosangue Orientale, which means “pure oriental blood.” This horse is one of the rarest breeds, hailing from the eastern part of the world from the Middle East to China, and it is the result of selective breeding by nomadic people who migrated from one place to another. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Purosangue Orientale, its temperament, height, characteristics, lifespan, colors, and health, and discover why this horse is so fascinating.

Purosangue Orientale History

Purosangue Orientale is an ancient breed of horse that has a long and varied history. Nomads from the Middle East and parts of Central Asia were responsible for developing this breed. The breed requires hardiness and endurance characteristics, proven by the horse’s ability to withstand harsh environments and developed speed. This breed has been used in many activities, including transportation, warfare, and sports.

Purosangue Orientale Temperament

The Purosangue Orientale has a docile and friendly temperament, making it one of the best breeds for riding. This breed is calm, composed, and intelligent, which makes it an excellent partner for training and competitions. The Purosangue Orientale’s ability to adapt to various environments shows its intelligence. Whether in the high mountains to the coastal areas or the desert, they handle every weather condition with ease.

Purosangue Orientale Height

The Purosangue Orientale has a height range of 14.2-15.2 hands (142-152cm). This range helps this breed excel in various equestrian activities, including racing, jumping and other close things. The light body and short size make it easy for these horses to maneuver and tolerate the weight of riders.

Purosangue Orientale Characteristics

The Purosangue Orientale has many unique characteristics, including a broad and flat forehead, small ears, a narrow nose, and alert, expressive eyes. They have well-sloped shoulders, a deep chest, and a narrow waist resulting in a triangular-shaped brand that you can find on their hips. They also feature muscular legs that provide the necessary support and acceleration speed to compete in speed competitions. The fine hairs in different colors that appear on their mane, tail and body, making them an exotic looking horse.

Purosangue Orientale Lifespan

The Purosangue Orientale has a longer lifespan, from 25-30 years a higher period than many other breeds. The reason behind this is the breed’s hardiness, endurance, and ability to adapt to different environments, making them less susceptible to diseases that affect other horses.

Purosangue Orientale Colors

The Purosangue Orientale comes in different colors that range from chestnut to grey. The coat’s color varies from horse to horse, and sometimes the coat can have spots or patterns adding to the character and uniqueness of the horses. The distinguishing factor of this breed is that the Arabian and Akhal-Teke breeds have played a significant role in enhancing its color variation.

Purosangue Orientale Health

The Purosangue Orientale is a hardy and healthy breed, and they are not prone to many diseases compared to other horses. One important thing to note is that the Purosangue Orientale requires regular grooming and dietary maintenance to stay healthy.


The Purosangue Orientale is a rare and fascinating breed of horse that has a history dating back to ancient times. The breed is known for its strength, endurance and hardiness, making it excel in various activities. The Purosangue Orientale’s unique characteristics, intelligence, and their docile and friendly temperament make them a perfect riding companion. Purosangue Orientale is a rare but worth breeding horse, and people should embrace preserving them for future generations to enjoy.