Žemaitukas Horse

Žemaitukas Horse: A Unique Breed from Lithuania

Žemaitukas horse, also known as the Lithuanian Native, is a rare and unique breed that originated from the Lithuanian region of Žemaitija. This small and sturdy breed is known for its resilience, intelligence, and versatility. In this article, we will explore the history, temperament, height, characteristics, lifespan, colors, and health of this fascinating breed.

Žemaitukas Horse History

The Žemaitukas horse is an ancient breed that has been around for centuries and has played a significant role in the history of Lithuania. These horses were used for transportation, agriculture, and warfare. They were also a part of Lithuanian culture, and many traditional ceremonies and festivals involve the Žemaitukas horse. However, during the Soviet era, many Žemaitukas horses were slaughtered for meat, and the breed’s numbers drastically decreased.

Despite the rough patch, the Lithuanian government and breed enthusiasts have since worked tirelessly to bring back the breed from the brink of extinction. They have established breeding programs and national exhibitions to promote the breed, resulting in an increase in the breed’s numbers.

Žemaitukas Horse Temperament

The Žemaitukas horse is known for its calm and gentle temperament, making them an ideal breed for both novice and experienced riders. They are also intelligent and quick learners, making training an easy process. However, like all horses, proper handling and socialization are necessary to ensure a good temperament.

Žemaitukas Horse Height

The Žemaitukas horse is a small breed, standing at around 13-14 hands high. They have a sturdy and robust build, with strong legs and a broad chest. Despite their small size, they are still capable of carrying an average-sized adult rider.

Žemaitukas Horse Characteristics

The Žemaitukas horse is recognizable by its distinctive features. They have a large head with expressive eyes and small ears. They have a short and straight back, a rounded rump, and a high set tail. Their mane and tail are often thick and wavy, while their coat is usually a solid color.

Žemaitukas Horse Lifespan

On average, the Žemaitukas horse can live up to 25-30 years with proper care. Regular veterinary check-ups, balanced nutrition, and exercise are essential to ensure a long and healthy life.

Žemaitukas Horse Colors

The Žemaitukas horse comes in various solid colors, including chestnut, bay, black, and gray. Some horses may have white markings on their face and legs, but they are usually minimal.

Žemaitukas Horse Health

The Žemaitukas horse is a hardy and tough breed, with few health issues. However, like all horses, they may be susceptible to certain diseases and ailments, such as colic, laminitis, and skin conditions. Proper care, including regular grooming, exercise, and a balanced diet, can help prevent many of these health problems.


The Žemaitukas horse is a unique and valuable breed that has played a significant role in Lithuanian history and culture. Despite facing near extinction, efforts by the Lithuanian government and breed enthusiasts have brought it back from the brink. This resilient breed is known for its calm temperament, sturdy build, and adaptability, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable equine companion. If you’re looking for a horse with a fascinating history and unique qualities, the Žemaitukas horse may be just what you’re looking for.